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Corporate Responsibility


Here at CIM, we care about the level of waste we produce. We have been recycling our card & paper now for some years and we take every step to recycle as much waste as we can.

Although there is waste within the sign industry we are making efforts to minimise what actually goes in the bin, and endeavour to educate our customers on the most economical and environmentally friendly base products we have at or disposal.

Staff training

CIM has re-invested in the people that carry our reputation for us, we are aware that although you can supply a service and create a name for yourselves the staff that deal with the customers need both in-house and external training to ensure we improve and grow as a company. Our level of knowledge and expertise mean that we carry out most of our training in-house, making sure that all our staff share in the same working practice and end goals.


Ever since the company was formed, we have always believed in re-investment. We were never formed solely for profit, more for the love and enjoyment of expansion and making as much as possible in house. We make calculated investments in people, machinery, tools and property to ensure the safe and steady growth whilst keeping the business exciting and at the forefront in our industry. With ever growing and changing technology, there will always be new machinery or techniques which keeps the trade interesting and we plan to always enjoy what we do.

Sponsorship and Charities

From day one we have given to charities (such as Norfolk Wildlife Trust and operation loo roll), given discounts to charitable companies and sponsored sporting teams, its all part of getting our brand noticed as well as giving back.