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7 benefits of vehicle graphics livery

This article was posted on 26 June 2018

When it comes to advertising, you’re probably aware of the usual options. What if you want to do something different though? Something which will turn hundreds or even thousands of heads and spark conversations? That’s why using vehicle graphics might be the answer you’re looking for.

Vehicle livery allows you to take your brand on the road; providing a great first impression of your business to potential customers. Our vehicle graphics allow you to be creative with your branding, the more eye-catching the better! With the use of durable and flexible vinyl film, we can transfer your design to your vehicle with a seamless and vibrant look.

Still unsure? Well here are 7 benefits of vehicle graphics

1. Brand promotion
Vehicle graphics not only strengthen your brand identity and association on the road, but they make your fleet stand out, multiplying the opportunity of marketing opportunities when you least expect them.

2. Cost effective advertising
Vehicle livery is an inexpensive, cost-effective form of advertising. Many more people will see the advertisement on your car, van or lorry compared to other local campaigns, reaching a far broader audience. It is estimated that roughly 3,000 people per day see your vehicle, that’s 3,000 potential customers*. Now that might seem unlikely but consider if every day you converted just 1% of those 3000 to new customers, that’s still 3 a day!

3. Protecting your assets
Wrapping your vehicle works as a protective skin for your paintwork against the daily wear and tear of roads and motorways, such as light scratching and paint fade. By applying vehicle graphics you’re not only advertising your branding, but also protecting your vehicles paintwork. When removing the vehicle graphics or wraps, if done professionally, the vehicle’s paintwork will be left in the exact condition it was when the graphics were applied, preserving the original paintwork. This means the retail value of the vehicle is preserved as the undamaged paintwork is revealed, increasing its resale value.

4. Identifying your company vehicles
When a workman or businessman comes to your home or business premises would you rather they be in a suspicious, unmarked van or a clearly marked company vehicle? The vehicle graphics will put your customer at ease and encourage a trusting relationship with your company.

5. Dial down the message
A vehicle wrap attracts attention without being offensive or annoying. It subtly gives recognition to your brand or company. The visual of the car wrap will be stored in the potential customer’s mind even without them consciously trying to remember it. When they find themselves in need of your services, your business will be recalled because they saw your car wrap.

6. Add Professionalism
You can enhance your professionalism by travelling in a vehicle that is branded according to the branding guidelines of your company. When your customers see it, they will get a feeling that they are dealing with a company that is serious about the things they do.

7. Cost-effective
Vehicle wraps are associated with a low cost when compared to other outdoor marketing methods. You will be exposing your business to new customers, even if your vehicle is parked. You could even consider parking your vehicle in places to target your customers specifically.

If you are looking to add your branding to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles or if you are just looking to refresh your existing vehicle graphics, contact us today on 01603 722 399 or email us at to discuss your requirements.