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Benefits of fascia signage to a business

This article was posted on 05 September 2018

Fascia signs come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. They are a part of everyday life now and any business premises that doesn’t have any must surely be a business unit with no occupancy? Fascia signage gives your customers a visual identifier of where you are and through brand recognition, make your customers experience a great one right form the start. From simple panels through to formed plastic shapes, aluminium composites and illuminated projecting signage, making it as clear as possible for your customers where you are and what you do has never been so important.

The value of on-premises signage, particularly in premises that are regularly visited by customers and clients, cannot be overstated. However, the value of signage as a marketing tool is often not fully realised. Many businesses barely think of signs at all and, if they do, it is often an afterthought – a necessary expense which seems to command the lowest portion of any construction or refurbishment budget!

Companies that understand the value of good signage view it as an investment that will pay for itself many times over. They know that well designed, well-placed signage will attract customers and generate profits.

According to research carried out in the USA, 50% of new customers learn about a business by their fascia signage and 35% of passers by wouldn’t know your business was there without a sign. Signs increase profits and by changing or adding out of date signage could prove a worthwhile investment with increases of up to 9% in revenue.

Signs are so commonplace nowadays that we may not consciously notice them. They are so much part of the urban landscape we don’t realise the subliminal effect they have on us – which is one reason they are so effective.
Unfortunately, it is precisely because signs are so commonplace that many businesses take them for granted. While most small business owners know they need a sign, many think of them as merely as a means of identifying the business.

To fully realise the potential of signage, you must consider it not just as a way of marking the business but also as means of marketing the business. Your sign should identify your business, mark its location, and convey the right image of your company

Signage should never be an afterthought. The sign on your business is a powerful and sophisticated marketing tool. It works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It creates the first impression of your business that many customers will get; it tells them who you are, where you are and what you have to offer.

If your fascia sign is going to convince a customer to stop, it must be well designed so that all the information you need to convey can be taken in at a glance.

So what makes for a well crafted and well designed piece of fascia signage? Well, creating successful signage is much more than and attractive arrangement of colour, logos, pictures and straplines. Letter size and shapes should be taken into consideration. The larger a letter, the more legible it becomes from a distance. Unless your brand is embedded into your area of business, steering clear of script fonts is probably advisable as these can often create awkward shapes that are not legible. The location of your fascia signs is key to promoting line of sight for your customers. Placing your sign on the side of your building isn’t going to provide much visibility; neither will signs placed too high or too low from passing trade.

Consulting a reputable sign maker is key to creating fascia signs that work. Here at CIM Signs & Graphics, we have been helping our customer achieve their visions since 2000 and have provided solutions that mean our customers signage conforms to planning regulations, have years of service and above all, work hard.

Why not contact us today to see how we can transform your existing fascia signs from drab and dreary to branded and beautiful or if you have no signage, the best way to advertise your business and services. Contact us today on 01603 722 399 or email us at to discuss your requirements and organise a site visit.