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What are Post Signs?

This article was posted on 22 November 2018

Post signs (otherwise known as post mounted signs) are the forms of signage that you might see around car parks, schools, gyms, schools, colleges, universities, health clubs, hotels and industrial estates. Post signs are just what they say they are. Signage that attached to posts. Traditionally you would probably see these as metal posts in the ground with signage attached at waist level, or eye level if you are in a car. They are incredibly versatile in this approach in that they can be made up of several panels, double sided, internally or externally lit… the list goes on.

If you are a business owner, then you will appreciate how important good signage is as a component of a successful business. Outdoor signage provides most businesses with information for customers. Whether its directions, contact details, important information or just simply to promote your brand, post signs form an integral part of making sure your customers can find you.

Post signs don’t just have to be purely business orientated though. Post signs can also be seen in places such as theme parks, gardens and parks and even to highlight points of interest in cities and sculptures. These can be seen in the form of directional way finding signs to help pedestrians navigate. They can be used to channel traffic in city and town centres or areas where you may find large groups of people like universities, sports grounds, shopping centres and malls. They can also be used to provide information such as village noticeboards, business units to let or land acquired.

So what are the benefits of post signs to businesses? Well as we have mentioned, they provide an excellent customisable and heavy duty solution for community organisations, property manager, business owners and more. They can be made form various materials that can suit different budget requirements. From simple UV printed boards that can be easily mounted to wooden posts through to lightweight plastics or aluminium and metal posts through to concrete base pads and posts. They can add to the appearance of your business, offering the ability to make it easy for your customers to find you. This is especially helpful if your premises is set back from the road or if you need to inform driving traffic where to make a turn in the road.

Post signs help to increase the awareness of your business, build your brand identity and help with brand reinforcement. Keeping your business visible is more important than ever with more and more businesses opening up, making sure your customers know you are still about plays a key role in client retention.

Whatever your requirements for a post panel sign are, you can be sure that CIM Signs & Graphics can provide a solution to fit your style and budget. Our expert sign writers can help you bring your vision to life and put your business firmly in front of your customers ensuring that your message and brand are visible for all to see.

Why not contact us today to see how we can transform your internal and external post sign displays from drab and dreary to branded and beautiful or if you don’t currently have any, the best way to advertise your business and services using a post sign. Contact us today on 01603 722 399 or email us at to discuss your requirements and organise a site visit.