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5 reasons to use POS

This article was posted on 29 January 2019

5 reasons to use POS
Whilst we now live in a digital age with e-commerce transforming the way we use and shop on the high street, its never been more important to maximise sales on those store visits to help increase sales.

Below we have listed 5 reasons why point of sale displays can work for your marketing.

1. Bespoke to your requirements
Point of sale can be a flexible but unique solution to engage customers’ in-store and indeed outside. Whether you need your POS to hold products or not, require a stand-alone display or one that sits on the top of a counter, the size, shape and format of the display can be whatever you need it to be. Effective POS uses the product to help sell itself and key information such as price, offer USP etc are all critical pieces of information that make up a successful display stand

2. Helping build brand awareness
Point of sale is a great way to highlight an existing product or introduce a new brand or product to your market, which may otherwise get lost on-shelf amongst competitors. Whether it’s as simple as a shelf barker or wobbler, or a larger free-standing display unit, POS is a simple way of communicating the benefits of your new product or brand, allowing you to highlight key points and USPs.

POS enables brands to be represented in a cohesive, attractive and appealing way at the point where a customer can directly interact with the product.

POS displays also offer the opportunity to educate and help shoppers to choose the right product for them. Clear, effective categorisation and messaging makes life easier for the shopper and helps to build a relationship with the brand.

3. Reactive marketing
Point of sale is an instant solution when it comes to strategic marketing, such as reacting to competitor offers, promoting an over surplus of stock, even short-term offers, such as ‘happy hours’ or annual event promotions such as Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas or even sporting events like Wimbledon. POS can be in stores in a matter of days where required and with the right processes in place to ensure brands and retailers are able to take advantage of last-minute opportunities. POS allows brands and retailers to remain relevant to their customers, which is crucial for surviving in a retail environment saturated by the digital age.

4. POS influences and works
The digital age has changed the way we shop and fewer shoppers are going on planned purchase missions as a result. POS is a proven method of disrupting a customer’s journey and influencing their buying decisions. POS is crucial in terms of inspiring and persuading shoppers. Strategic placement encourages impulse purchases such as batteries near torches or chocolates near wine. POS is a great way of helping to promote a new product or brand, helping the item to stand out and educate, inform and entice shoppers to try something new

5. Product promotion
Let's face it if you need an everyday household item, the options as to where you buy it are increasing. You probably know exactly where to find all of these items it in a supermarket and walk past all the other products on the shelves until you reach the desired one.

Unless you are looking, you may miss a new item on the shelves but not with POS. Whether it’s a product you are looking to purchase the items on display or not, POS engages with customers and puts products in their eyeline. Done well, POS can deliver all the key points of a product within a matter of seconds and deliver an informed choice to the customer. Whether it’s a new product, the reimagining of an old product, clearance line or special offer… POS allows you to place products in front of customers and engage with them.

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